Property Leases


Leases are important documents which set out the rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants relating to the use of land, buildings and associated fixtures. 

The laws of both Victoria and New South Wales provide very strict requirements in relation to the form and content of Leases and impose a number of obligations on landlords to provide certain information to tenants. A failure to comply with their requirements may enable a tenant to withhold rent and/or terminate the Lease before the expiration of its term.

Factors to consider for landlords include: 
• Complying with Disclosure Requirements; 
• Drafting an appropriate lease agreement; 
• Complying with regulations; 
• Renewal of the lease; 
• Terminating the lease. 

Factors to consider for tenants include: 
• Terms of the lease being entered into; 
• Negotiating the terms in the lease; 
• Renewing the lease; 
• Surrendering the lease; 
• Asset protection for the business entity under the lease.  

Delta Society Australiahas expertise in advising both landlords and tenants as to the important issues concerning commercial leasing in both Victoria and New South Wales and are skilled at providing practical advice and support through the leasing process.